Why do we go to work? I am sure that everyone has asked themselves that question at some point in their lives. Especially during those times when your job can be a grind.

If we are honest, the first answer would probably the money. We need the pay check to take care of our family, pay the mortgage or to buy the things that we need and want. Maybe our job finances our hobbies and pleasures and allows us the ability to do the things we really enjoy.

Another reason may be that we are afraid of what might happen or what we would lose if we didn’t work. The desire for rewards or the fear of consequences can be powerful motivators.

Some might say they go to work because it is their passion and they really enjoy it. Their job brings them tremendous satisfaction. They love doing what they do. In it they have found their life’s calling. It gives them meaning. That is a strong motivation as well.

A few may say they go to work to help others. They take joy and pleasure in helping other people through their profession. They go to work to make a difference in the world. This is a noble motivation and can be a very satisfying one.

Many would probably say they go to work for a combination of these reasons and there is nothing wrong with these motivations for going to work. In certain situations they can all be proper motivations for us to go to work. The problem is when they are the only reasons. A deeper look at each of these reveals that they are all rooted in self-centeredness, what we get. Again, this is not necessarily wrong, but if these are the only reasons we go to work (or do anything for that matter) we are missing a deeper level of joy and happiness. We are missing the true purpose of our lives.

How about this? I go to work because God wants me to. God has created me for a purpose and part of that purpose is to use the talents and abilities that he has given me to serve His creation. My job is the job God has given me to do in this world to fulfill the purpose for which He made me. No matter what it is, whether I am the janitor or the President I am fulfilling His purpose for me by doing it. Wow! Think about that. What a more powerful reason for getting out of bed and going to work. The Almighty says “This is what I have for you to do today”. Think about your job in that way and see if it doesn’t make a difference.8eaa54655d79a3be15ff5719caf61bf0