I read an article recently that quotes the Reverend Franklin Graham saying that “We are losing our country”. He also states “Today, we are losing morally our nation, and the foundations of this country are collapsing and falling apart”. He goes on to say “The country that we’re living in today is not the same as when my father grew up”.

Even the untrained Christian eye can see evidence of what Mr. Graham is talking about as we see what is accepted in society today getting further and further from Biblical standards. Attacks on Christians in our society who take a stand for their beliefs that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago, are now common place. Many believe that we are not that far from it being against the law to preach from the pulpit against same sex marriage and homosexuality.

What has led us to this? There are many things you could point to. The age of enlightenment that began to pit reason and science against the Bible led many to the false conclusion that the Bible and science are incompatible. This led to a questioning of the authority of the Bible, its inerrancy and infallibility. The Bible came to be seen as not the God breathed or authored word of God but words of men that lead one to the ideas of God. This opened the door for varied interpretations of scripture and robbed God’s word of its original meaning and intent. As these ideas worked their way into the seminaries of America many pastors came forth that didn’t see the Bible as the ultimate standard but merely as a guide to truth. There is no one truth to be applied to life that transcends time but truth must be subject to reason and can change with the time or situation. In a word, truth is relative.

As these ideas were being taught in the pulpits of the land for over two generations we now find ourselves in a land of religious and moral pluralism. This is what Mr. Graham is talking about. The belief pervades our land that all religions are equal and can lead you to God because there is no one standard. This also affects the view of morality. “Who are you to tell me my actions are wrong?” If there is not ultimate authority, then this view is correct.Challenging-a-Statement-of-Truth

What is the answer? Realistically, only God can turn things around. But His tool will be as always His truth. God created man and He is over us and all scripture is God breathed, 2 Timothy 3:16, and is the ultimate authority for life. When a people embrace these truths, they become a people who follow and serve God. These are truths that our country were founded on and I pray we will find our way back to them as a nation.