I asked this question to a group of men recently and received a wide range of answers—answers that centered on success, comfort, and retirement!   So–what do you want?   Your response may be similar to the answers I mentioned above, but when Jesus stated what he wants (what He truly desires)—His answer captivated me.  Jesus didn’t ask for more kingdoms, for more power, or for more glory—Jesus’ desire was to be WITH you and me—He wants to be WITH His children.  He wants to have fellowship WITH us!

In John 17, Jesus is offering His prayer to the Father for us (His children) and what Jesus requests of His Father is amazing:  “Father, I WANT those you have given me to be with me where I am…” (vs. 24).    Jesus’ great desire is to be WITH us—to enjoy us—and for us to enjoy Him—and that has implications both for today—and for eternity!

Again, Jesus’ desire has captivated my thoughts–as I find it utterly amazing that the God of creation (who could have asked for anything)—asked the Father to have us–be WITH Him forever.  He wants us—not more glory or trophies.  This has been true from the beginning.  It was what the garden represented—a place for man to walk and talk with God.

But, we frustrated God’s great desire (to be WITH us) by choosing to walk independently from Him.  Adam and Eve chose their own independent way—and we have followed their lead…and we do it every day—when we choose anything over Him.

And…this amazing story gets even better!  Because, to “restore” our relationship with God, the one that we destroyed, God would make “right” what we made “wrong!”  He would sacrifice His son—to make it possible so that He could be WITH us—and satisfy His great desire for fellowship with His children!  That is what loves does—it longs to be WITH the object of its affection—and it (agape) is willing to pay ANY price to accomplish it!

Again, I would encourage each of us to contemplate this truth.  We are God’s great treasure and He longs to be have fellowship with us.  May I suggest that we work, everyday, to cooperate with His great desire—rather than resisting him—and His plan.  It is what He WANTS–and it is what we NEED!!


-Bob Boerner