The elation of victory is unbelievable at times. The many hours of work have finally paid off. The focus and intensity level are at an all-time high, and then there is that pivotal moment and you win! I watched, as most of the world did on Sunday, as Tiger Woods collected his 5th Green Jacket and his 15th major title. The Master’s golf tournament is over for another year, but the drama will live on for quite a while. Tiger Woods has been an icon in the golf and sports world for a long time. He has had personal failures, significant injuries and doubt that he would even be able to walk around like a normal human being again, much less play golf at any level.

The final putt from a foot away from the hole went in to give Tiger a one stroke victory over a strong field. Cameras were close by to catch every reaction from him and the patrons at Augusta National. The elation of victory was real for Tiger. He exploded with emotion. I have seen him express emotion after a win before, but never this emotional. It was a moment of personal celebration and victory for Tiger.

Then there were the congratulations from fellow golfers in his group and from his caddie. Wow! What a celebration they had together. Tiger’s family celebrated victory with him. His son hugged him like Tiger hugged his own father back in 1997, when he won the Master’s for the first time. Tiger hugged his mom, daughter and girlfriend. Then came more groups of people that celebrated the huge victory with Tiger. The patrons chanted his name in celebration. He finally put on the celebrated Green Jacket with the help of last year’s champion, Patrick Reed.

By now you have to be wondering, what’s the point? Why would you spend so many words talking about Tiger Woods? We all love a story where someone wins. Tiger won and people are going to be talking about it for a long time. Certainly, it is a huge story with all that has happened in his life. The point is this…As we think about the week of Easter and the ultimate victory over death, will it be another Easter where we dress up in our bright colors, go to church, walk through the usual motions and then go meet family and friends for lunch?  Or will we celebrate the most important victory ever won? You see, when Jesus said, “Father, INTO YOUR HANDS I COMMIT MY SPIRIT” (Luke 23:46), it looked like it was all over. For many, they thought that Jesus lost. There would be no celebration. There would be nothing to be excited about. Then we find these words, “He is not here, but He has risen” (Luke 24:6), and ultimate victory is won. As believers in Jesus, we have reason to celebrate His victory over sin and death every day, but we really ought to have a major celebration this Easter Sunday that shakes Heaven and Earth! Can we join in with Jesus this week and celebrate Him and what he has done for us? Can we be reminded that real victory celebrations only happen because of Him? In the end, a victory here on earth is nice, but an eternal victory…now that’s worth really celebrating, don’t you think?