Several years ago I attended a men’s discipleship training conference with Patrick Morley in Orlando; the first session was entitled, The Battle for Men’s Souls.  We were presented with some sobering statistics related to men–both inside and outside of the church walls.   Let me list a few: there are 108 million men living in the U.S., and, of that number, it is conservatively estimated that 66 million men don’t know Christ.  There are 24 million children who will go to bed in a home without a biological father.   33% of all children are born out of wedlock.

We live in a culture that accommodates (and even fosters) the two extremes in which men approach life: through anger or passivity.  The repercussions of these unhealthy approaches to life have had devastating effects on families, workplace integrity, and society as a whole.  In the mist of this dismal landscape—we, as Christains, have hope.  Our hope is in Christ and in the power of the Gospel!

When a man meets Christ–he is changed!  No, he is not instantly changed into a spiritual giant, but he begins a walk with Christ where God begins to transform his heart…resulting in a transformed life.   Transformation is a process.   It takes time and intentional discipleship.    YBL’s mission is to both help reach men for Christ, as well as, to disciple them for a life long journey of following Christ…and a transformed life changes the motivations and the priorities a man affirms!

We are in a battle, and we would humbly ask you to continue to pray with us as we ask God to use YBL to be a change-agent for Christ—seeking to reach and disciple men who will transform our culture.