Jesus described the Christian life as a narrow path (Matt. 7:13,14)—and one that is difficult to remain on. In contrast, the way of the world is board and all-inclusive. God’s path involves surrendering ourselves to Him—and walking with Him on the journey set before us. That is no small challenge for any of us, because we find that our hearts like to wander. I find myself wandering a lot. I find the glitter of the world appealing to my easily distracted heart.

The world and sin are enticing.

We live in a world that is led by our adversary that wants us distracted from the things of God—but we also find in our hearts an ally with the world. I think–if we’re honest–there are a lot of things that appeal to our flesh. If this wasn’t the case–then there wouldn’t be any temptation!

Staying the course is no small thing—and it is no wonder that most Christians begin their Christian walks well—but that only a few of them finish well! Those who finish well are the exception in the Bible; they are the exception in life as well.

I (and the men that I work with) find it easy to become discouraged in our Christian lives—because of the waywardness of our hearts. We want to master the Christian life—like we would golf or tennis. We want to perform well—(who doesn’t?)! The problem is that this is not our experience. Two steps forward and 1 step back is not perfection—but it does describe the direction of our lives. Thank God for His grace—and patience! I have said many times, “The Christian life is not about perfection—but it is about he direction of our lives!” We know where we are going—we know the goal, and even though we are prone to wander—at the end of the day—we know where we are headed and the One who gives us the strength to keep going!