Have you ever just looked back over your life to reflect on what God has done? I’m sure you have. I began again to recount my life this past Labor Day weekend.

I thought about a shy skinny kid going into eighth grade, which was high school in Georgia. It was a scary thought. Yet, God blessed me with good friends along the way, allowed me to do well in football and school, gave me confidence, and began in me a desire to stay strong.

After playing a year of football at Virginia Tech, I finished up at Georgia. Even in the fraternity I had great Christian friends. He watched over me all the way. I ended up going on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, now Cru, and met my wife. The Lord led us to Florida State on staff, Area Director based in Virginia for six years and then to Birmingham. I might not have even come down for the interview except for the influence of my wife. I have loved serving the Birmingham business community, Briarwood Church and so many friends these past 34 years.

Monday, 41 years ago Anne and I were married. What a wondrous journey it has been! She followed the Lord’s leading also to join the staff of Campus Crusade. Even though we had been to some of the same conferences, we never met till we were both on staff. We dated long distance for over a year and then got married. We served together, traveled together, then we had two daughters and moved to Birmingham in 1984. Now our daughters continue to walk with God, have two amazing husbands and our 1st grandchild.

There is a woman you may not be familiar with in Scripture named Jehoshabeath. She was a sister of king Ahaziah and the wife of Jehoiada the priest. She not only saved the son of the king, Joash, when Ahaziah’s mother was killing all of the royal family, but also she preserved the Davidic line. Her husband, Jehoiada, counseled Joash to follow the Lord. What a lady!

In many ways Anne is like her. Anne has given me wise counsel and has saved me from wrong decisions too many times to count. How could I have led all those early morning Bible studies without Anne taking care of our children? She is a wonderful hostess, lover of people, mom, and excellent Bible teacher. She continues to serve through teaching women’s studies in WBL today.

Why do I share this? This trip down memory lane is to remind me, and us to thank God. Be grateful. Slow down, pause, reflect and let ourselves feel the wonder and the deep gratitude for every single day. Even during adversity remember God is always present. He is sustaining you, comforting you, convicting you, giving us eternal hope. It should awaken our spirit to one of abundance and generosity. Amen!