One of the goals I’ve been pursuing during this uncertain time is spending more concentrated time with the Father. I don’t want to look back on this time and regret that I haven’t maximized it. I am fully convinced that God has a plan, greater than I can perceive, for this period.

One of the ways I’m doing this, and has offered me great encouragement, is to read some of my past journals. I would say I am not a model person in recording my thoughts and insights, not by any means. Yet it is wonderful to look back to see the things I’ve written, ways I have grown, and answers to prayer. I would like to share some of those with you.

The time I did the most writing was during my engagement and as I was falling in love with Anne. I look back on how God brought us together, the circumstances that convinced her I was to be her husband, and the joy of beginning our life together.

One significant event was March 23, 1977. It was right after we were engaged. I told the Lord I would be who He wanted me to be, do whatever He wanted me to do, or go wherever He wanted me to go. I recorded the date in my Bible. There it is even more to that story.

There was however one thing I asked the Lord to let me do. I had waited for 25 years to be married and to experience the joys of that relationship, so would He please wait to return till after September 3, 1977? In His sovereign will and His perfect plan He did. That was 43 years ago. As I read my journal entry, all those years ago, God reminded me not only had I committed my life and ministry to Him, but also He cared deeply about my heart’s desire.

There’s so much more to share, but it will have to be a part of my next few prayer letters. I desire to share how we were involved in seeing our children trust Christ, and how blessed we are that they continue to walk with Him. The amazing story of how God provided a piano for Ginny when she was learning how to play is incredible. But I will share one more entry.

In 1986 I was praying for a guy that had become involved in our ministry. In February of that year He came to know Christ. It completely changed him and his entire family. We have kept up over the years and all four of his children have been involved in ministry in some capacity in their adult life. He and his wife are an incredible witness in their community. What a blessing!

I know God is doing things in your lives behind the scenes that you don’t even know. Let’s praise Him for the things that we have seen, praise Him for the things He is doing, and praise Him for the things that are yet to be.