I live near the base of a mountain on the south end of Huntsville, Alabama. Each morning the sun rises over the mountain, and each evening homes are lit up along its brow. It adds beauty and character to our end of town and has often brought to mind the words of Psalm 121:1:

I lift up my eyes to the hills.

 From where does my help come? 

 My help comes from the LORD,

  who made heaven and earth.


These words are a source of comfort and encouragement to anyone in need of help. And I suspect that includes you. Consider a couple of truths that emerge from these verses. 


First, when troubles come we need to lift our gaze and look up. The hills were a visual aid for the psalmist, reminding him to look upward to the one who created heaven and earth. In a world that urges us to look within for strength, this psalm reorients the heart to look away from ourselves and seek help from the Lord. Perhaps, you’ve been looking for help in the wrong places, and if so, the Lord is calling you to lift up your eyes and look to him for what you need. 


A second truth is that help actually comes. The Lord doesn’t leave us in the lurch; he doesn’t forget about us or overlook us when we need his help. Rather, he provides what we need when we need it. This was true for men like Noah and Abraham and king David. It was certainly true for Ruth and Naomi. He also provided an unusual, but effective, means of rescue for Jonah. Can you think of any instance in the whole Bible where God failed to help his people? I can’t. Our help comes from the Lord; it actually comes. So if you’re being tempted to lose heart, consider rehearsing to yourself instances when the Lord has helped you personally or stories from Scripture where the Lord came through for his people. Take your time, no need to rush.


I hope the next time you drive past a mountain the Lord will bring these truths to mind. Our help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He is willing and able to help you, so lift up your eyes and look to him for what you need.