“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.”
Acts 8:4


Pray for each Director: August, Bob, Jay, Nathan, Phil & Rob

Pray that we will commune with God and model a faithful response of love to others in these rapidly changing times.

Community Relationships

Pray that they YBL ministries and the larger church will be the forefront of helping those in need – our neighbors, small business owners, and those who cannot help themselves.

Discipleship Groups and their Leaders

Pray for our group leaders and members, that they will find and use new means to connect in groups, stay in tough one on one and offer encouragement, faith, hope and love among their families rather than anxiety.

Special Events/Ministry

Praise God for a successful Sporting Clays outreach just before the separation guidelines were put in place. YBL Birmingham canceled our Spring Breakfast due to the assembly restrictions, as well as delayed the launch of a new small group. Pray we restructure our plans for the Spring and consider alternative ways to minister to our community.