“casting all of  your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you.”
I Peter 5:7


Pray for each Director August, Bob, Jay, Nathan, Phil and Rob 

Pray that they would all seek to trust God (fully) as well as, to choose to be God’s instruments– by encouraging others to hold tightly to Christ in this stormy season!

Community relationships. 

Pray that they would stand firm—trusting in God and His promises (holding fast to Christ) in the midst of this crisis. That God would use them to be a blessing to many.

Discipleship Groups and their Leaders. 

Pray that YBL/ WBL would make a tangible difference in our communities by modeling faith and trust rather than reacting in fear to the crisis at hand.

Special events /ministry. 

Pray for the 2nd Half & YBL Birmingham virtual seminar on Identity, April 8th. Pray many will listen in and draw strength from our Savior during these uncertain times.