It is an interesting fact that I run into people all the time who are too busy to put much effort into looking for truth. Whether it has to do with managing their money or their marriage or finding out about God, they just don’t have the time. People blow a lot of money because they don’t do their due diligence about how to invest it or manage it. I have seen marriages implode because the parties didn’t really take the time to investigate solutions to working through issues. Many people today don’t have a clue as to how to teach their kids to handle the challenges of life in relationships or conflict resolution much less how to answer deep spiritual questions.

You have to ask yourself why that would be. Most people would not start on a journey to a destination without having considered how they will get there. And yet many people have not thought through a financial plan for their future. Most would not attempt to build a house without a set of plans and yet many parents don’t spend a lot of time thinking through how to raise their kids into healthy, successful and productive citizens. When it comes to spiritual matters, I run into a lot of men who are too busy with life to find time to dig into God’s word, to dig deeper and to really learn how to search the scriptures for answers. Searching for truth is work. It takes effort. But, it is always worth it in the end. Especially if we are talking about spiritual truth.Eveningprayers1

Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Set you free from what? Error. Wrong thinking that leads to bad consequences and bad results. And in the end, from spiritual death. God gave us His word so that we could find truth about eternal life and so
that we could find truth about this life. He gave us His word to save us from eternal death but also to save us from the land mines and pitfalls in this life that come from wrong thinking. It is truth that shows us how to have healthy marriages. It is truth that shows us how to raise our children properly. The bible says that truth is more valuable than gold and silver. Do we believe that? Is that how we are living?