Time and money are our two most precious resources.  We spend these resources freely—often times with out thinking deeply about “how” we spend them or the long-term implications of impulsive decisions.

 Russ Crosson, President and CEO of the Ron Blue & CO., has spoken for YBL Huntsville a couple of times, and at the end of one of his talks- Russ presented a copy of his book, A Life Well Spent, to each man in attendance.   It is a great book.   It is, also, very challenging, because it stands against the cultural norm of defining success.   The world defines success as those who possess money and power.  Yet God measures our success by obedience, character, and how we relate to those around us—especially our families.

In his work as a financial consultant, Russ has had multiple opportunities to see men with enormous financial wealth…but who are bankrupt in the key relationships in their lives (God, wife, & children).   Russ defines a man’s self-worth (the total sum of his spiritual capital, relational capital, and financial capital) as being a far better gauge of his life’s impact rather than simply considering his net-worth (financial assets).   As Christians, our definition of success must also include our relational success as a complete picture of our life’s influence!

Finally, as Russ said to us, it is never too late to begin to implement the principles he has listed—even if your children are grown.  Your influence with them (and your grand-children) will make a significant difference as you seek to live them out!

By God’s grace–may we long to hear the words of Jesus, “Well done, good and faithful servant!  You have been faithful with a few things; I will pout you in charge of many things.  Come and share your master’s happiness!”      Matthew 25:23