ike and phillip in the booth

Ike and Phillip Howard record the first episode of YBL Chats

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that business itself and profit margins are not always the bottom line. The people whom we work for, the people whom we work with, the people who are our customers–they have stories, too. As C.S. Lewis says, “you’ve never met a mere mortal.” When its hard for us to remember that, hard to remember that life isn’t a movie or a TV show, sometimes we need to hear those stories.

In an effort to bring you the stories of the men that you do business with everyday, YBL is excited to announce the launch of our new podcast: YBL Chats. So much of what we do in the marketplace comes down to listening. Whether its something that happened yesterday around your cubicle or from your first weeks on the job, we are made up of our stories. We love to listen and we’ve learned that listening is most often the first and most important step to a great relationship.

So in that spirit, we are so thankful to announce our new monthly podcast: YBL Chats. Listen to┬áthe┬ástories of other men and learn how to tell your own story. Each month we will sit down with a person from the Birmingham marketplace and hear about their faith, their vocation, and they will share one significant leadership lesson they’ve learned. Let those stories support and encourage you, because their stories of men just like you. YBL Chats with men in finance; YBL Chats with men in construction; YBL Chats with men in real estate; YBL Chats with men in from every walk in the business community; but mostly, YBL Chats with you.

If you’d like to listen, click on the picture to the right, or follow this link!