In John 17:3 God’s word defines eternal life as “knowing God”. He doesn’t say that eternal life is being in a place called heaven or living forever but it is described as having an intimate relationship with God. Knowing Him. When you really know someone you know who they are, what they are really like.

The more I have the opportunity to lead men in Bible study the more I am convinced that the reason people have such a hard time trusting God and following Him is they are not really convinced about who He is. Everyone has an opinion of what they think God is like but I have found that very few have taken the time to investigate what God says He is like. Therefore, they are not really sure.

Questions like Does God know the future? Or is God in control of everything are unclear. As well as how can a loving God allow so much evil in the world? When we don’t know the answer to questions like these we can’t really be sure what God is like and therefore we are not really sure about trusting Him.

The challenge for everyone is to find out who God really is. Where do we go for answers? To God Himself. He wants us to know Him. He wants us to know who He is. He has gone to great lengths to reveal Himself to us and preserved a written record of it in His word, the Bible. It is the story of God. It is God telling us who He is so that we can know Him and then be able to trust Him. Ask yourself, how well do I know God? If the answer is not enough, then let Him speak to you through His word. Pursue a relationship with Him and you will find Him. He is calling to you to come and know Him.