Dear Friends,

How do I communicate all that’s been going on this past month and even this past week in a short letter? We are all affected by the recent decisions of our Supreme Court. It is difficult to express all that I’m thinking and feeling.  I am sad, I am hurt, I am grieving…

We all know is that God is sovereign and God is gracious. This hasn’t taken Him by surprise and He certainly has a purpose in it. The key question for all of us is how do we respond? What would God have me do?

One thing I know is that I’m in need of a Savior as much as anyone else. The depth of my sin and the selfishness of my heart sent Jesus to the cross. To reflect that gratitude toward God, I must extend grace and love manifested in the gospel toward others. I believe the world is watching how we react or respond, and I don’t want to give them any ammunition for condemnation. At the same time I want to be speaking the truth in love and living out my convictions. Biblical marriage is the greatest human illustration of Christ and His church. It is a cornerstone of what we believe.

I was asked last week what is the most important thing that Jesus wants from me? My first thought was He wants me. But as I think about it further, He wants me conformed to His image and bringing Him glory; that comes as I know Him deeply and enjoy Him! The way God wants me to respond to all these things is to put on Christ daily, walk with him closely, and let the Holy Spirit lead and guide me purposefully. I pray that for each one of us as we step out daily in faith.

Let’s not lose the opportunity as the subject comes up to extend grace and impart truth. It is on everyone’s mind right now. Start with the blessing of forgiveness, the incomprehensible peace of God and with God, plus the never ending hope we have as believers. We want the attractiveness of the gospel to draw people to Christ.

We just finished our 1st Summer Series on priorities.  Dr. Mark Gignilliat did a fantastic job on presenting a God -centered world and life view. Our next two Summer Series will be panels of businessman telling how they put these principles into practice in their lives. I hope you can join us for at least one of them.

The Fall speaker(s) that I was working on has not come to fruition. Please pray that we can secure our speaker quickly. Also pray as our Discipleship leaders and group members to stay strong and maintain a vibrant witness.

As always I thank you for your faithful commitment to this ministry and its outreach. I am grateful. Let us continue to seek the Lord, walk in the Spirit, watch and pray for God’s indicators of His plan for the future.

Serving Him with a whole heart,