“When He has brought out all His own, He goes ahead of them and His sheep follow Him because they know His voice.”
John 10:4


Pray for each Director Amy, Rob, Bob, Jay and Phil

Pray for each director as we seek to make wise use of our time and financial resources in 2019. Pray we will remember that God goes before us to guide our steps.

Community relationships

Pray we will increase our WBL outreach into the community, especially in the Colonnade at Pablos as they have agreed to let our new WBL small group have regular space there. Pray the employees will hear about Christ too.

Discipleship Groups and their Leaders

We have a new small group beginning on Wednesday, January 23rd at the Colonnade. Pray for Board member, Diane Covin, as she facilitates this group.

Special events /ministry

WBL Birmingham is planning for our Spring Luncheon that will be at The Club on Thursday, April 4th.