It has been a joy for me to go back and read some of my journals. I have found they are as relevant today as when I wrote them. Today I am going to give some insights from Joshua that I recorded in 1989.

 The Lord leads and the Lord exalts. In Joshua 3:4, it says,” Follow the ark and the priests because you have not been this way before”. What a statement for our times! And then Joshua 3:7 and 4:14 says “The Lord began to exalt Joshua like he did with Moses”. This happened as they were crossing the Jordan River.

The Lord protects. Before they conquered Jericho all the men were circumcised that had not been circumcised in the wilderness. It meant the Israelite army was extremely vulnerable (and hurting) before they attacked Jericho. But God protected them.

The Lord provides. For 40 years they ate manna in the wilderness until they ate the produce of the land in Joshua 5. When they began to eat the produce from the land the manna ceased

The Lord punishes. The men of war that came out of Egypt perished, because they did not obey the voice of the Lord.

Sin is deadly, obedience is fruitful. Because Achan coveted and took some of the devoted things: 36 men died in the attack, the hearts of the Israelites melted, Joshua fell on his face before the Lord, Achan, his family, plus his livestock were stoned and burned.

But when they attacked and defeated Ai, God said they could take spoils of war. If he had not coveted and waited on the Lord, the story would have been completely different. Wait on the Lord!

During the Gibeonite deception, they did not seek the Lord. As a result, the Israelites not only did not defeat the city, but also they ended up having to defend them.

And finally, certainly not least by any means is God’s plan. Joshua 11:6 God said, “Don’t be afraid of them, for I will give the (northern kingdoms) into your hands. You will burn their chariots with fire.”  In Joshua 11:20 God says, “He will harden the hearts of Israel’s enemies so that they will be destroyed. “

Can we apply these principles to our lives? We can, but it is so hard to do. Aren’t we glad God is so patient with us? During these times we are in, we must hold on to these truths. We have to keep learning them and living them by the power of His Holy Spirit. Let’s keep striving to Finish Well!