I want to continue the same theme we began last month. These are some of the questions that probe the deep longings of our hearts. What is God taking me through? Why doesn’t He rescue me? What is God asking me to do? Is God totally silent right now?

Jeremiah found himself in a similar situation in chapter 32 of his book. Two exiles of the people from Judah into Babylon had already taken place. The third and final exile was imminent. Jeremiah had been prophesying for years and living a life that demonstrated that this was going to happen.

In the midst of these events taking place, God asked Jeremiah to buy a piece of land from his relative. It was land that had already been captured by the Babylonians. Why would God ask him to buy a piece of land that he can’t get to or would ever bring into his possession? The short answer: God wanted him to buy this land as an illustration that He would return the people – His people – back to Jerusalem. And this land that was in alien territory would again be Judah’s land. But Jeremiah could not figure it out. Sound familiar?

However, I love the way Jeremiah approached this dilemma. He starts off by declaring that there is nothing too hard for God. He recognized God’s steadfast love. He recounted the things God had done before, like the deliverance of His people from Egypt. He reminded himself of God’s character and His past actions. Then he asked God to help him understand.

God did answer: “Jeremiah, There is nothing too hard for Me. I’m doing this because I will bring you back to the land.  You will dwell in safety. I will make an everlasting covenant with you. I will be your God and you will be My people. I’ll rejoice in doing you good, and you will follow Me.”

But Jeremiah never gets to see this. Just as the heroes in Hebrews 11 never got to see the completion of the promises of God, neither did Jeremiah. But they walked in faith, just as we are challenged to trust God. He is a sovereign, loving, all powerful, never changing, faithful God. He will not fail us. He will never leave us. We can bring our questions to Him. We may not see the answers in our lifetime or even understand the answers that He gives. But I choose to trust Him. Will you join me in this endeavor?