I’ve been contemplating the theme of gratitude over the past few weeks—especially in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving season!  My study has led me to consider several Biblical passages on the subject,  and I’ve decided to write my own definition for gratitude—and one that is consistent with the Biblical teaching that surrounds it.   Here is my rendition… 

Gratitude:  More than just words on our tongue gratitude carries an obligation; it humbly acknowledges that all that we have and all that we are have been provided to us as a gift from our heavenly Father.  As a result, we are called to honor our heavenly Father with all that we are—and with all that we have.

In the past—I believe that I would have defined gratitude as a “humble acknowledgement” towards God—but I would have stopped there!  Genuine gratitude carries an obligation—just as grace carries an obligation.

Jesus gave His life for us—not so that “we” could live the life “we” want.  Jesus gave His life for us so that we could live the life that “He” wants for us—one that acknowledges His grace—and one that seeks to honor Him in all that we do. 

Gratitude towards God both acknowledges God’s faithful provisions and also moves us toward greater obedience to our God and King! May this be the response we make this Thanksgiving season as we acknowledge all that God is and all that He has done!  There is no other reasonable response!!