We just held our Spring Breakfast and Executive Leadership Dinner with Mr. John Aden, Executive Vice-President for Walmart.  John did an excellent job at both events.

I was impressed with several points that John made during his challenges to our men.   One of them was the simple reminder that “God’s ways are not our ways.”  We would all quickly agree that this is true…but we are all challenged by this when it comes to the application of following God’s ways.

We are often directed by the “ways” of the world.

Through personal stories of his trust in Christ, as well as, the simple truths from Scripture—John shared How God honors humility and honesty.  These are God’s ways…and they go together!   It is difficult to be honest when we are not humble.

We are reminded that God exalts the humble and He humbles those who exalt themselves! 

In our world that advocates self-promotion, humility and honesty are uncommon traits…but in God’s world—they are foundational to His plan—and for Him to be honored. When we honor Him—He always honors us!  

Let’s ask God for the grace to live our lives with humility and honesty—knowing that we honor Him as we follow in “His ways!”