Jesus said, “Follow me!”

Americans “follow” a lot of people on tweeter and instagram, but the call to follow Jesus is far different than simply a casual interest in what someone says or does.   Following Jesus is a life altering decision.  When we choose to follow Jesus we are making a choice to surrender our hearts, our lives, and our minds to Him.

Following Jesus is costly—it cost us the life “we want”—so that we can live the life “He wants” for us!  The irony to this surrender is not defeat—but the true victory of knowing and enjoying God…and the life He designed for us to live!

Following Jesus is not a passive matter.  It requires our entire being.  We choose to seek Him, to listen to Him, to serve Him, to obey Him, and to trust Him.   So, let’s choose to follow Jesus today, and tomorrow, and every day  as we participate in the great adventure of the life He designed for us to live.  It is the only life worth living!