I have heard it said that Jesus repeated the phrase “Fear not!” (or the theme of anxiety/ worry) more often than any other phrase (theme) in the New Testament!  It does make sense—we are a fearful people…and there is much to fear!  There is natural disaster (earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes), political unrest, economic downturns and inflation, terrorism, racism, cancer, war, and international tension (just to name a few!).    The internet keeps us well informed—and we often feel hopeless…and fearful!  Our natural response to fear is to retreat and to find a “safe” place—removed from the world!  But this is not God’s plan for us!

Jesus, The Prince of Peace, came to make peace between God and man!   He offers us His perfect peace.   Jesus is the only hope to bring peace to a world that is restless!   Our expectation and hope is that, one day, we will see and experience His peace reign over all His creation (what a glorious day that will be!!).  Until then, we have another hope and present expectation—that in the midst of personal, national, and world crisis—we, who are partakers of His peace, have the opportunity to share His peace with others.

So, in these days where there is much uncertainty, unrest, and fear—rather than retreating–may we be attentive to God, to His Kingdom, and to His work in the lives of others!  My prayer is that we would experience, first-hand, the peace of God in our lives–as it is impossible to give away that which we don’t possess!   God’s peace comes to us in surrendering.  As long as we “hold on” to our lives—we will live in fear!   Peace comes to us when we entrust all that we have to the One who reigns over all!  There is no other option!   Second, as partakers of God’s peace, we would seek to be conduits of it to a fearful world!


Christ is our hope.  He is the only hope for the world as well!  And when we encounter fear, worry, and anxiety in others, may God give us the wisdom and grace to proclaim the One who offers true peace—Jesus!