Luke 14:22-23 And the servant said, ‘Sir, what you commanded has been done, and still there is room.’  And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.

In his book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell draws a contrast between Paul Revere’s famous ride that alerted so many that the British were coming and the other rider that night William Dawes.  Most of us didn’t know that there was another rider going from west Boston to Lexington.  Dawes’ run did not have near the effect Revere’s run had that night.  In fact the town Waltham, that Dawes warned, sent very few men against the British.

Why was Paul Revere’s ride so monumental and William Dawes was not?  Gladwell says the answer is because Paul Revere was a Connector.  He knew lots of people, knew who needed to know and had vital information to share.  Dawes did not have those connections.

Just recently I met with a new business owner who was so excited about his business, their expansion and the opportunities before him.   He was so enthusiastic and wanted to tell everyone about the success of his endeavor.  I remarked to him that I need to be as enthusiastic about the Lord as you are about your new business.

These two instances make me think about relationships and my responsibility to share Christ.  You have to understand me as a person; I want to help fix people.  Why don’t people just do what I say?  Why is it so difficult?  The reason: I don’t like getting fixed myself.   How is that for awareness?

I find I am somewhat hesitant to talk with others, because I recognize how inadequate, how weak, and how sinful I am.  God has given each of us connectivity with many, many people.  You may not be an extrovert in any sense of the word, but you have people you love, meet with; see at the office or the ball field. You care about their spiritual destiny.  Be intentional about the opportunities we have to share Christ with them.

Charles Trumbull made a vow in his book Taking Men Alive, “The resolve I made was that, whenever I was in such intimacy with a soul as to be justified in choosing my subject of conversation, the theme of themes should have prominence between us, so that I might learn his need, and, if possible, meet it.”  What a challenge!  We have relationships with individuals we want to know or walk more deeply with Christ.  Some people do know the truth; we pray for them on a regular basis.  Then there are others with whom we are beginning to build a relationship and trust we will have the opportunity to go further with them down the road.

I would ask that you would join me in prayer that we would significantly increase our boldness to share Christ with others.  Look for opportunities; try to make contact; find common ground with these people. Let’s trust God to do His supernatural work of salvation.

I am reminded of the woman at the well.  Jesus asked her for a favor – to give Him a drink of water.  Because of that request He had a conversation with her that brought her to believe in Him as the Messiah.  He returned the favor infinitely times over.  Be connected, be bold, and return favors.

Partnering with you,

Phil Reddick