When we ask a friend, “How are you guys doing?”  The typical answer is: “Busy!!  We are just busy right now!!”   Or…the answer might be:  “We are simply in a busy season of life!”

For all of us—life is busy!   We are busy…and while the “seasons” of life change– the cadence of our lives do not!   The seasons of life are different—but every season has it’s unique demands on our schedules.  Busyness is simply a part of life.

In our busy schedules, the question we need to ask ourselves is: are we doing the things that truly matter?   Busyness usually leads to emptiness—rather than fulfillment!   Yet we run wide open—believing that attending to the urgent is what matters!

We would agree that many things in life matter—but keeping the “main thing” first in our lives will help us navigate the rest as we seek to give proper time to God’s priorities.

In the New Testament we find a story where Jesus is teaching and Mary is sitting at Christ’s feet being refreshed by His words and His presence.  Jesus sees Martha (Mary’s sister) frustrated because her sister (Mary) is not helping to make arrangements in the kitchen for Jesus and their guests.   Jesus responds to Martha’s frustration and says,  “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things.  One thing is necessary, and Mary has chosen the better part. It won’t be taken away from her,”  (Luke 10:41).

There are times to serve, to work, and to be busy.   But we all need to keep the main thing first in our lives.  God is the main thing.  He is the first priority.  Let’s us remember to seek Him often and most…drawing upon His infinite strength and wisdom to navigate the life He has called us to lead.

Remember:  we might be busy…but we should never be empty!