Hebrews 10:25 instructs believers not to forsake the assembling or ourselves together. In Acts 2 we see that the early church was devoted to the Apostles’ teaching and to fellowship among other things. In my last blog, I noted verses from the Old Testament that exhort us to be wise about the people that we associate with and allow to have influence over us. Besides being an active member of a strong local church I believe one of the best ways for men to find significant spiritual fellowship is through a small group bible study. This is one of the main ingredients of YBL, small groups of men meeting weekly for bible study and encouragement in their walk with Christ.


Being involved in a regular small group study can provide many benefits to a man looking to grow spiritually. For one, it will get you into God’s word on a weekly basis beyond what you get from church and over time can help a man become a person who knows God’s word well.


Secondly, being in a regular small group study will allow a man to be around other men who are moving in the same direction. You can learn from each other, motivate each other and support each other through difficult times. Having a group of people around you that are all striving for the same goal makes it much easier to keep yourself moving forward towards your goal, rather than trying to go it alone.


Another benefit from being in a regular small group study is the spiritual growth that will occur. This in turn equips a man to be a better spiritual leader in his home, business, church and community. I have seen men grow into significant spiritual influencers of others in part through the process of being in a small group over time. It is certainly a great way to help make sure you are leading your family in the right direction.


We have all seen athletes give credit to their teammates and coaches for helping them achieve success. These are not usually empty words. The dynamic of being on a motivated team helps everyone get better. This same principle is true for our spiritual lives as well. We need to be a part of a motivated team that will help us get better. The small group of men that you meet with weekly for bible study can be that team. If you are currently involved in a small group I urge you to commit to it and help make it better. If you are not, let me encourage you to find one that works for you and you will reap spiritual benefits that will bless your life in ways you can’t be otherwise.