It’s November and many are already turning their thoughts toward the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a time where we are supposed to think about things that we are thankful for and acknowledge our thankfulness to the Lord.  Lately, God has been reminding me that being thankful is a lifestyle not just a calendar date where we are scheduled to be thankful.

As I was reading this week I found the following quote:

“Gratitude means to recognize the good in your life and be thankful for whatever you have. Some people may not even have one of those things you consider precious to you (love, family, friends etc.). Each day give thanks for the gift of life. You are blessed!” ― Pablo


I offer you the following little “test” just to get a pulse on how thankful you are:

  • I feel very thankful DAILY for my degree of physical health.
  • I count my blessings DAILY for what I have in this world.
  • I reflect DAILY on the worst times in my life and realize how blessed I am.
  • I remind myself DAILY how fortunate I am to have the privileges and opportunities that Jesus has provided.
  • I reflect DAILY on the fact that I have the basic needs of life like food, clothing and shelter.
  • I notice and acknowledge DAILY the good things that I have in life.
  • It is important to me to appreciate DAILY things such as family and friends.
  • Although I do not have everything that I want, I am thankful that Jesus meets my DAILY needs.
  • I remind myself DAILY to STOP and think about the blessings I have in this life.
  • I appreciate DAILY the degree of success Jesus has allowed me to have in life so far.
  • I thank Jesus DAILY for His provision for my life.


The Lord directed me to Luke 17:11-19. Take a minute and read that passage. Here we find a group of lepers that were healed, but only one came back to Jesus to say thank you. The Bible does not say that the other nine were ungrateful, it just says that one came back to thank Jesus. I want to be that one guy that comes back DAILY to say thank you. It is my opportunity to give honor and thanks to Jesus DAILY for all that He gives to my life. It is a long, long list to be thankful for and I am so grateful to Him for all that He has done and continues to do for me.

In conclusion, I offer you the follow truths about developing a lifestyle of gratitude:


Truths about gratitude


  1. Gratitude is an awareness that, as things come to you, they are exactly what you need in that moment.


  1. Worry is the opposite of gratitude; it is the failure to understand that you have been and will continue to be provided for each day by Jesus, who sees and knows every need that you have.


  1. Worry is an action. Gratitude is an action. Worry is of Satan. Gratitude is of Jesus. Both are optional. By choosing gratitude you drive out the space and time for worry and for Satan to do his work.


  1. Each day brings a multitude of opportunities to feel gratitude and appreciation. Stop and notice them. It will change your day!