I Thessalonians 5:11a  “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up”

I recently met with a young businessman who had just connected to one of our discipleship groups in Jackson. As we talked, he shared of his concern about the lack of encouragement in our world today. We talked about the discouragement in the political season that we just experienced. We talked about the pace with which we all live our lives and that there seems to be no room or time for encouragement. We agreed that everywhere we look, there seems to be a lot of discouragement. As we prayed together and finished our conversation, I was encouraged that someone was burdened by the lack of encouragement in the world today and sensed that he wanted to make a difference in his circle of influence as an encourager.

No doubt encouragers are needed around us today. How can you be an encourager in the circle of influence where God has placed you?

  1. Allow God to encourage you

Open God’s Word daily and allow Him to encourage you as you read and study. The encouragement that God pours into you from His Word gives you what you need to encourage the people around you.

  1. Choose to be an encourager

Daily you have to make the choice that you will allow God to use you to be a voice of encouragement to the family, friends, co-workers and even strangers around you. Choose to be positive in all of the situations and circumstances that you will face and allow God to use your words to lift the hearts of people that you will encounter.

  1. Slow down

In a world that is speeding by at a crazy, fast pace…slow down. Don’t get caught up in the pace of the world. If you try to live at the pace the world around you is moving, you will constantly miss opportunities that God places in your path. Slow down and don’t miss an opportunity to be used by God to encourage someone.

  1. Pray

Pray that God will give you opportunities to be an encouragement to someone around you. You have no idea how God may use your words of encouragement to grow His kingdom. Be consistent in your prayer life and be available to be used by God as an encourager.