I am just finishing a study of 1 and 2 Samuel with one of our YBL groups—and while there are many characters that appear in these books—the central character is David.  In Acts 13:22 God calls David, “a man after my heart—for he will do everything I want him to do!” This is God’s “one-line summary” of King David…and his life is a picture of a man who walked with God!

A study into the life of King David reveals that he was a man who knew God—and not simply facts about Him.   David’s life is characterized by a man who trusted God and who leaned heavily upon God’s character.  He trusted God for strength and provision to defeat Goliath. He relied totally upon God to remove his adversary—Saul!  And he ran back to God for mercy and forgiveness following his grievous sins!

David knew God. David trusted God. David loved and obeyed God…including “doing everything God wanted him to accomplish!” I can think of no greater “one-line summary” of a man’s life than to be called, “a man after God’s heart who did everything God had called him to do!”

I am reminded that God understands our imperfections—but that He is most concerned with the direction of our lives.  So at the end of each day—we should consider: have we looked to God for strength, wisdom, grace, and forgiveness…and if not—then make things right with Him before we go to sleep—seeking to live tomorrow for Him—as we trust in His character and His provision in our every endeavor!  This is our calling—and it is a reflection of a man after God’s heart!