We live in a business culture that lacks principle.  When our ambition is to succeed (at any cost) then we make ourselves vulnerable to compromise.   Compromise always has a consequence.   In the early stages of compromise, it appears that the consequences are insignificant.   But there are always consequences…especially when it involves leadership.  When we take a step that violates our conscience (and there is no repentance for it) then we set ourselves up to take the next step…and then another.   It is easy to see where this path leads, and we don’t have to look very far to see the casualties of compromise in leaders and in leadership around us.  When it comes to leadership–the decisions of a few will significantly impact the lives of many.

As Christians, we are called to live in the marketplace in a way that honors God.   I am finding that unless we make a daily choice to put His glory above ours, then it is just a matter of time before we slip into the world’s pattern of living for “self-success”…a worldly success that leads to compromise.   We need to remember that life is about God and His Kingdom–and not about usThis is true of our careers, but it also affects every area of our lives.   Our careers (and the titles we bear) are not about us.  They are about Him…and His Glory…and His Eternal Kingdom!  He has given us positions to represent Him, yet we often use them as a means to glorify ourselves.   Unless we choose to make this fundamental shift in orientation–to place His glory above ours, then our lives are really…more about us—than Him!   And when life is about us…we make compromises.   And compromises have consequences!

By God’s grace, let me suggest that we make a daily choice.  A daily choice to live for His Glory.   We need to see our careers as a means to serve God and His eternal purposes.   The men that I know who live this way sleep well at night.  They rest in His care of their careers.  They enjoy His presence.   Don’t misunderstand me–this is not a natural response and it doesn’t come easily.   But God will give us the grace to obey Him as we surrender to His will daily–for His Glory.