“… rejected by men, but choice and precious in the sight of God.” (I Peter 2:4)

I am leading a group of men through the Gospel of John, and we just can’t seem to get past chapter 1.  The description of Christ as God, creator, light, life, grace and truth are profound!   Jesus is the answer to man’s greatest questions and the fulfillment of his greatest needs…for love, acceptance, significance, and forgiveness!   Yet many of those who “see” Him will reject Him!  Why?  Why would men reject the One who completely satisfies their needs?

Man’s pride causes him to want to “do it his way”…without God…without restrictions…without submission. God’s path includes all of these, but (unlike the world) God’s way produce life and freedom!  John 1 reminds us that Jesus came to His own and His own rejected Him, “but as many who have received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God,” (John 1:12).

God has established a standard for those who would be His…and it is not our perfection or our performance. God’s standard for us is humility and repentance—where we come to Him by faith!  This is not at all what the world expects. This is not at all in alignment with our proud hearts.  But it is the way that God calls us to receive Him—in humility and repentance.  And those that do—find the blessings of being called His sons and daughters!  Praise God that His ways are not our ways!