A solid understanding of the bible is foundational for every Christian. At YBL, we want every person to be equipped to understand scripture and to study it for themselves. Knowing what the bible teaches is foundational to our development as human beings, as fathers and husbands, as church members, businessmen and as people engaged in the life of our communities.

Below is a link to a series by YBL Birmingham City Director, Rob Genin, on the Old Testament: Dawning Grace: A Survey of the Old Testament.  The series is designed to cover the big picture of Old Testament History and Literature in 13 weeks. The goal is to open up the Old Testament in order that you can read the 39 OT books with profit and understanding. We hope this will bless you in your personal study and small groups.


3/6/16—Rob Genin   – Introduction

3/13/16—Rob Genin  – Creation/Fall/Flood

3/20/16—Rob Genin  – The Patriarchs

3/27/16—Rob Genin  – Exodus & The Wilderness

4/3/16—Rob Genin  – Conquest & The Time of the Judges

4/10/16—Rob Genin  – The United Kingdom of Israel

4/17/16—Rob Genin  -The Books of Poetry

4/24/16—Rob Genin  – The Divided Kingdom of Israel